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Office of Counsel for the Commandant

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The Eagle Globe and Anchor is the exclusive property of the United States Marine Corps.  Permission to use the EGA or any Marine Corps Trademark for commercial retail and advertising (free or paid) is required.

The use of Marine Corps trademarks for commercial purposes, including reproduction on merchandise, is expressly prohibited unless the producer completes a license agreement with the Marine Corps.  Use is governed by the terms of the agreement.

To better serve our community and streamline the licensing process we offer three licensing programs. One is our Standard License Agreement Application for larger, established companies familiar with the licensing world, the second is designed for small businesses, and the third caters to our hobbyists.

If you or your company grosses more than $5 million in total product sales annually then please fill our the Standard License Agreement Application. If you or your company grosses under $5 million in total product sales annually, then please fill out the Small Business Application. If you gross less than $5k annually, sell direct to your customers, (i.e. craft shows, Etsy.com), and do not use a manufacturer then please print and sign the Hobbyist License Agreement. No application necessary

During COVID-19 the Trademark and Licensing Office is working remotely:

  1. Please do not send us mail or packages. The requirement for physical samples in the application process has temporarily been suspended. 
  2. If you have any questions you can e-mail any one of us directly or send your question or request to trademark_licensing@usmc.mil.

Step 1. Qualification Standards: Before applying for a Standard or Small Business License Agreement please read our Qualification Standards sheet.

Application Standard License AgreementClick Here to download our Standard License Agreement Application.

Application Small Business License AgreementClick Here to download our Small Business License Agreement Application.

Hobbyist License Agreement - No application required. Hobbyist License Agreements must be hand made (no manufacturers), less than $5k in company sales annually, direct sales only (no retail sales), products must be hand made or repurposed using licensed materials (Don't aid infringement), no hang tags required, no product liability insurance required, agreement is non-negotiable. Click Here to download a Hobbyist License Agreement.