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Intelligence Division

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Lateral Moves into Marine Corps Intelligence MOS

The mission of the Marine Corps Intelligence is to provide commanders at every level with seamless, tailored, timely, and mission-essential intelligence and to ensure this intelligence is integrated into the operational planning process. Because Marine forces are employed primarily at the operational and planning process. Because Marine forces are employed primarily at the operational and tactical levels of war, Marine Corps ntelligence activities are oriented toward that level of support.  Accordingly, two-thirds of all intelligence Marines serve in the operating forces, with the majority assigned to the staffs and units of tactical command.

As the Marine Corps Intelligence Community grows to support the Global War on Terrorism, capable and qualified Marines are needed to fill personnel requirements.

The Intelligence MOSs have the potential of increasing by as many as 300 billets over the next 4-5 years.

The Intelligence Community needs lateral movers to fill these critical billets. Lateral moving into an intelligence MOS provides an excellent way for a Marine in another career field to continue their service while gaining valuable training and experience as an Intelligence Professional.

Frequently Asked Questions
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No, however, you can work to meet the prerequisites.
Every Marine must make choices about their career. It is important to keep your chain of command informed of your desire; however,  your choice to lateral move and re-enlist is of benefit to you and the marine Corps in the long run. Your command should recognize that the Intelligence field has critical shortfalls, and it is imperative that qualified Marines lateral move into these MOSs.
You will be required to attend a formal school in the intelligence field you have selected. Depending on the length of the school, you will be on TAD orders; and, upon successful completion of your school, you will be PCSed to your new duty station. You may also do on-the-job training at a unit before or after your school begins if there is a significant gap  of time. If the school requires longer term attendance, usually PCA/PCS orders will be given.
The first step is finding out if you meet the prerequisites. Then, you must decide which intelligence field you are interested in lateral moving into. Next, talk with your command, your monitor and your career planner to find out if your current MOS requirements will allow you to lateral move.
Depending on what the prerequisite is, yes, some of them can be waived. The best course of action is talking to your local Career Planner, Occupational Field Sponsor and/or Monitor.

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