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Intelligence Division


Intelligence Division

Deputy Commandant for Information

Career Mentorship

Intelligence Department is committed to developing the most qualified, well-rounded, and professional intelligence Marines. For our enlisted Marines, that means guiding you and providing you with the training and career opportunities  you need to become the best Marine you can be, and to groom you to be a master of your intelligence discipline. For Officers, your development into a premier MAGTF Intelligence Officer capable of utilizing all intel disciplines and advising our commanders at every echelon of command is our primary goal. We will accomplish this by creating opportunities for you to grow, opportunities to lead and opportunities to succeed.  Please, utilize your appropriate Occfield Specialist to help you and our Corps succeed today.

MOS Roadmaps were put in place in order to provide Marines with a guide to assist you in  your progression within your occupational field.  While the Occfield Specialists are here to assist you, these MOS Roadmaps are an excellent resource and should be used often.

One of the key roles of the Occfield Specialist and Sponsors is to advise you, the marine, on the steps you need to take for the most efficient, rewarding, and promotable career. To the right, please find the contact information for your Occupational Field Specialist and Sponsor.


0202 OccField Specialist
COMM:  571-256-9334  DSN:  312
0205 OccField Specialist
COMM:  703-432-7149   DSN:  312
0210 OccField Specialist
COMM:  703-614-0859  DSN:  312
2602 OccField Specialist
COMM:  703-614-3763  DSN:  312


0211 OccFIeld Specialist
COMM: 571-256-9322  DSN:  312
0231/0241/0261 OccField Specialist
COMM: 703-614-3489/2082  DSN:  312
26XX OccField Specialist
COMM: 703-614-3981  DSN:  312
2641 OccField Specialist (Language)
COMM: 703-614-6561  DSN:  312
2651 OccField Specialist
COMM: 571-256-9326  DSN:  312