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Deputy Commandant for Information


The Senior Advisor for Analysis and Production represents the Director of Intelligence, HQMC, and the Marine Corps Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Enterprise (MCISRE)  on analytic matters at the Service, Departmental, and Intelligence Community levels.  This includes such fora as the National Intelligence Estimates Review Board, the Defense Intelligence Analysis Program Board of Governors, the Foreign Denial and Deception Committee, the Defense Warning Council, the National Intelligence Analysis and Production Board and the Marine Corps Analytic Agenda General Officers Steering Committee.  The Senior Advisor conducts continuous liaison with the Intelligence Community and Service counterparts in order to identify and develop opportunities, strategies, and champion discussions from an expeditionary intelligence perspective. This liaison includes pursuing, leading and maintaining collaborative analysis and production relationships with our Five Eyes partners, and other foreign partners as directed by the Director of Intelligence, to include leading tradecraft exchanges and scoping requirements for collaborative analytic production in support of Service requirements.

The Senior Advisor ensures that Marine Corps intelligence concerns are met  and that appropriate expertise is leveraged in the development and refinement of National Intelligence Estimates and that this and other national level analysis is available and accessible to the Commandant and other senior Marine Corps leadership, and meets their needs in developing and executing Service and joint policy. To that end, the Senior Advisor drafts an annual MCISRE Program of Analysis for inclusion in the Marine Corps Campaign Support Plan.

The Senior Advisor also leads the Center for Marine Expeditionary Intelligence Knowledge, the analytic tools and methodologies innovation center for the MCISRE.

Points of Contact
Senior Advisor for Analysis and Production
COMM: 703.432.7557 DSN: 224