Senior Enlisted Advisor

The Director of Intelligence's (DIRINT's) Senior Enlisted Advisor, serving additionally as the Intelligence Chief of the Marine Corps (ICMC), serves as the Senior Enlisted Marine Corps Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Enterprise (MCISRE).

  • Is the principle senior enlisted advisor to the DIRINT and is responsible for advising the DIRINT and his staff on all matters pertaining to enlisted intelligence Marines.

  • Will attain complete familiarity with all DIRINT policies and disseminate information regarding such policies to enlisted personnel throughout the MCISRE.

  • Will be conversant on all the issues that cross the desks of the DIRINT, ADIRINT and the COS.

  • Is involved in developing vision and providing advice for current operations and future MCISRE planning.

  • Will serve as the senior intelligence advisor to the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps; he is responsible for advising the Sergeant Major on matters pertaining to enlisted welfare, training and retention within the MCISRE.

  • Will serve as a permanent member of Intelligence Department Executive Steering and Advisory Group.


Senior Enlisted Advisor
COMM: 703.614.3966 DSN: 224

  • Intelligence Operations Chief / 0291 OccField Mgr
    COMM:  703.614.4636  DSN 224

  • 2691 / 2631 / 2651 / 2691 OccField Mgr
    COMM:  703.614.3981  DSN 224