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DIRINTs Suggested Graduate Program Thesis Topics

In an effort to align the Marine Corps intelligence Enterprise investment in the Special Education Program and Professional Military Education Programs with the real problem-solving needs of our Service the Director of Intelligence, solicits thesis topics from operating force and supporting establishment.

The DIRINTs intent in gathering and disseminating these topics is to encourage USMC Intelligence Officers in the Special Education Program to co-research and write on topics that matter most to the Marine Corps Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Enterprise (without infringing on academic freedoms). Topics can cover virtually any matter of interest across the DOTMLPF spectrum. The key point is that the topics should have some linkage to the Enterprise.

As this initiative matures, the DIRINTs intent is to assign each student a mentor from within the Intelligence Enterprise to assist the student with his or her research. Additionally, thesis topic sponsors may provide TAD or other funds to support the student's research efforts.

Manpower and Training Branch is coordinating across the Enterprise to identify key intelligence billets for Special Education Program graduates. The DIRINTs intent is for the Occupation Field Sponsor to assist Manpower Management Division with identifying for each program graduate an appropriate payback billet that directly ties to the thesis topic.

Intelligence Officers pursuing graduate degrees at Intermediate or Top Level Schools are also encouraged to conduct research on one of these topics.

If you choose to conduct, research or write on one of the DIRINTs topics, notify the Topic Originator and the DIRINT's Research Sponsorship Program Team (POC info below).

The DIRINTs list of these topics will be updated regularly. To add a topic to the list, contact the DIRINT's Research Sponsorship Program Team at DRSProgram@usmc.mil

Suggested Thesis Topics

Director of Intelligence Proposed Research Topics

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