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Deputy Commandant for Information


Lee, Alex  LtCol USMC (Ret). (1995). Force Recon Command: A Special Marine  Unit in Vietnam, 1969 - 1970 , Annapolis, MDP Naval Institute Press.  While the book is a history of the development of Marine Force Reconnaissance n Vietnam. Lee provide a number of good tips on how to employ this asset (and how not to!) along the way. The readers is treated to a number of other very useful observations candidly made by the author. (SSgt, 2ndLt, WO).

Mackey, Chris, Miller, Gregg. (2004).  The Interrogators: Inside the Secret War Against Al Qaeda.  New York: Little & Brown.  Offers practical advice and warnings on how to run a joint interrogation center in the field as well as on many of t he challenges posed by the prisoners, visitors, other intelligence agencies, and higher headquarters. Mackey and Miller pull no punches and their story explains the rationale behind much of the debate regarding prisoner treatment and interrogation techniques. (Sgt, Capt, CWO3, IA3).

Whitney, Craig R. (Editor). (2005).  The WMD Mirage: Iraq's Decade of Deception and America's False Premise for War. New York, NY: Public Affairs Reports.  This compendium of official government statements and reports provide a detailed case study on how the national intelligence community misled themselves and senior p policymakers regarding Iraqi military capabilities to produce the employ nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. While focused at the strategic level, this cautionary tale has much to offer to the tactical military intelligence analyst an G2. The "Case Study" Iraq" within Part V, the report of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Description, "is the real core of the work and available online at URL:  http://www.gpoaccess.gov/wmd/pdf/chapter1fm.pdf  (Gol/GO, IA5/DISL/ses).
Danner, Mark.  (2004). Torture and Truth: America, Abu Ghraid, and the War on Terror. New York Review Book.  Danner actually more editor than authored here 'it provides content in his opening sections for this collection of powerful official government reports and declassified investigations which are mandatory reading the senior intelligence leaders. (Col/GO, IA5/DISL/SES)

O'Hern, Steven K. (2004, 2008).  The Intelligence Wars: Lessons from Baghdad. , Amgerst, NY: Prometheus Books New York, NY: New York Review Book.  The author, a retied senior grade officer and civilian counterintelligence professional, details his challenges at conducting effective counter intelligence operations in Iraq and offers valuable lessons, echoing experiences in earlier counterinsurgency confects. 
(Col/GO, IAN/DISK/SES).  The reading list is almost exclusively confirmed to intelligence topics. While there are many subject that Intelligence Marines should understand (such as military history, maneuver warfare, command and control, and contemporary national security and military challenges to name but a few ), these  are best left for the Marine Corps Professional Military Education Reading List to include.

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