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DIRINT Recommended Reading List - 2

Organization. The list has books recommended by ranges of enlisted and officer ranks as well as for the civilian grades. A good goal is to read at least one to two books from the list for the rank/grade of the member per year -- this is in addition to the Marine Corps Professional Military Education Reading List for the uniformed Marines. For lateral move officers coming into the 0202 MOS and for enlisted Marines into the 0231, 0211, 0241, and 0261 MOSs, the DIRINT recommends reading at least one additional book per  year from the selections for the ranks below the one currently held.

Often there are questions whether one should read books for higher ranks/grades than that currently held by the Marine or Civilian. Ideally one has read all the books for one's current and previous ranks/grades before selecting works intended for higher ones, but this should not be a "hard and fast" rule. Reading ANY book from ANYWHERE on this list is preferable to reading nothing.

There is a great deal of overlap in book recommendations between the enlisted and officer selections, but not completely so. The selections for Marine Civilians are all represented in the lists for the military members. This is to assure a common body of knowledge regarding the intelligence craft that will better facilitate shared background and ready communication of ideas.

Works are also characterized by:

Intelligence -- History and Legacy

This is the "historical analysis" category, comprised of books that analyze the role of intelligence in major historical battles or events.

This history is important to understand the roots of the profession, early challenges and opportunities, and threads of continuity that run through American military legacy to this very day.

Intelligence -- The Professional's Library

This is the "scholarly analysis" category - containing those books that are essential for Marine Intelligence personnel to read and master in order to be proficient in their field; these complement existing service doctrinal, war fighting, and reference publications. Many are considered benchmarks in the field and required to master the intelligence profession. There is also a place for works on emerging roles and issues for intelligence. These are books you can put to use in our current jobs.

The reading list is almost exclusively confined to intelligence topics. While there are many subjects that Intelligence Marines should understand (such as military history, maneuver warfare, command and control, and contemporary national security and military challenges to name but a few), these are best left for the Marine Corps Professional Military Education Reading List.

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