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Posner, Richard A. (2005). Preventing Surprise Attacks: Intelligence Reform in the Wake of 9/11. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.  Despite the title, there's only a thin but very concise chapter on the problem of preventing surprise attacks; of far more importance is Posner's critique of the 9/11 Commission Report and the resulting Intelligence Reform Act. His advice on how the latter can be leveraged by the executive branch to achieve real reform will transcend the partisan political debates currently raging on the issue. (Col/GO, IA5/DISL/SES)

Clark, Robert M.(2003).  Intelligence Analysis: A Target-Centric Approach. CO Press.  Best tackled in tandem with the Director's Recommendation, Clark provides advanced analytical approaches for target and organizational modeling and analysis. The work emphasized quantitative problem-solving and predictive techniques and provides real-world examples of application. (SSgt, Capt, CWO3, IA2)

Bell, J. Bowyer, Whaley, Barton.  (1991). Cheating and Deception. New Brusnwick, NJ, Trasaction Publisher, The sin qua non primer on its topic, providing a comprehensive lexicon, logical model, and advice to intelligence analysts trying to minimize the influence of aggressive deception by adversaries on their intelligence analysis. Examples provided are readily grasped as they not only deal with war and intelligence, but also everyday life. (LtCol, CWO5, IA4)

Godson, Roy, Wirtz. James (Editors). (2002).  Strategic Denial and Deception, The Twenty-First Century Challenge. Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, NJ.  As foreign denial and deception threaten the interests of contemporary democracies, these strategic measures  have emerged as a little understood challenge to the intelligence community. To gain advantages, adversaries seek to deny critical information about their own activities and capabilities and to deceive foreign governments. In recent years, Iraq, India, Somalia, Colombian criminal groups and terrorists  have all used denial and deception successfully against the United States. Denial and deception is a low cost, potentially high impact way to level the military playing field. (Col/GO, IA5/DISL/SES)

Collins, John M. (1998)..Military Geography: For Professionals and the Public.  Washington, DC: Brassey's Defense Publishers. Also available from National University Press, March 1998 Edition, Washington DC Note that the Collins Geography book is available online at the NDU Press Books, url is: http://www.ndu.edu/inss/books/books.html.  This is an essential reference for ground force intelligence specialist and contains a wealth of information and references on terrain and climate. While fairly technical, it is a must in understanding the influence of the environment on military operations. (GtSgt, 1st Lt, CWO2, IA2).

Monmonier,  Mark, de Blij, H.J. de Blij. (1996).  How to Lie with Maps (2nd Edition). Chicago, IL, University of Chicago Press, As with How to Lie with Statistics, this books is not intended to teach the reader  how to mislead so much as point out it is possible to be inadvertently mislead through ignorance of the subject. The authors lay bare in plain  language the limitations of maps and map-making in portraying geospatial reality. While much will be know n and understood by Marines, much will not be the book gives you the language to use in caveating geospatial depictions in intelligence products. (Cpl, 2ndLt, WO, IA).

Georgek, Robert Z., Bruce, James B. (Editors) (2008). Analyzing Intelligence: Origins, Obstacles, and Innovations. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2008.  A pantheon of accomplished intelligence practitioners and observers contributed to this superb anthology on American intelligence, arguing for the "professionalization" of the field. As in all compilations, there are strong and weak chapters, but the breadth and depth of discussion -- an its pertinence to challenges faced today -- provides something for everyone.  (MGySgt/SgtMaj, LtCol, CWO5, IA4).

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