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DIRINT Recommended Reading List
The Director of Intelligence Reading List provides Marines of all ranks and Marine Civilian Intelligence personnel a guide to further their education and expertise. The reading list is divided into two areas: History & Legacy and The Professional's Library.

This recommended reading list is a good deal different than its 2003 and 2006 predecessors. Times have changed sine its first implementation under then-Brigadier General Ennis as DIRINT; Marine Intelligence has more than earned its spurs in two areas and is currently held in high esteem. But we've often been "too busy chopping down trees to sharpen the axe" and we cannot rest on our laurels. Emerging 21st Century challenges are dynamic, requiring great flexibility of mind to adequately address.

This reading list reflects that requirement and focuses on improving intelligence analysis across the Marine Corps Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Enterprise. For the first time since its inception, we have included Marine Civilian intelligence personnel into the recommended reading requirements. You also note that some old favorites are now gone -- classics such as Front Line Intelligence are not listed. They remain valuable and should be read as part of formal schools training.


The list replaces the previous DIRINT Recommended Reading List and remains aligned with the Marine Corps Processional Reading List in organization and perspective. A single reading list for any subject is elusive, as much depends on the level of knowledge of a prospective reader, but this list provides a sound foundation for study, discussion, and further academic exploration. As with the Marine Corps Professional List selections were picked based on the following tenets:

  • The list does not incorporate fleeting trends.
  • It emphasizes war fighting first and foremost, from the tactical to the strategic level.
  • It is historically based.
  • It uses serious literature than has an established performance.
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What is it about this list that has remained the same? Even with its changed emphasis, the Marine Corps Director of Intelligence Recommended Reading List still is intended to define those works assisting to achieve practical technical mastery leading to success in Marine Corps tactical intelligence and war fighting as a whole.

There are far more worthwhile books deserving reading than we could put on this list, so do not consider this to be the end-all-be-all of your professional education in the intelligence field.

This can only be a starting point, a common baseline for discussion. Each specialty will not doubt require more. But his list comprises those works we think the roles and mission of the Marine Corps requires all of us to master.


This Recommended Reading List complements the Marine Corps Processional Reading List with additional works specifically selected to accomplish the following:

  • Impart technical knowledge regarding intelligence operations
  • Add historical depth to and explanation of current intelligence doctrine and TTP.