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Intelligence Division

Deputy Commandant for Information


Intelligence Plans, Enterprise Strategy & Policy Branch (IPE) serves as the Intelligence Department focal point for synchronizing Intelligence Department efforts for the Marines Corps Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Enterprise (MCISRE) and supports tasking to Intelligence Department from Marine Corps entities, the Department of the Navy (DON) staff, Joint Staff, Combat Support Agencies, and the Director of National Intelligence.


On behalf of the DIRINT, provide overall management of the OAG, ESC, ESAG, and CoP processes.
  • Develops and formulates the plans and policies necessary for the design, development, and implementation of the operational and enabling aspects of the MCISRE; Ensures integration across the pillars of DOTMLPF.
  • Oversee intelligence requirements validation and material solutions development in the JCIDS, EFDS and Urgent Universal Needs Statement (UUNS) processes.
  • Coordinate with appropriate national and DoD intelligence organizations on collection management, intelligence dissemination and operational intelligence support issues.
  • Coordinate Marine Corps ISR policy requirements with other Services and DoD organizations in support of the DIRINT mission.
  • Provide Marine Corps representation to selected national intelligence organizations and activities.
  • In concert and coordination with the CTO and TI, identify technology applications, develops concepts, and conducts feasibility demonstrations to tactically exploit national systems capabilities.
  • Serve as the ISR Component to support Command Element Advocate for plans and policies.
  • Conduct activities necessary to exploit current and planned national system capabilities, provides tactical impact statements for planned national systems and ensures national level intelligence support to the Marine Corps through participation in national intelligence activities.
  • Serve as the USMC representative to the Defense Space Reconnaissance program and the Joint Reconnaissance Program.
  • Serve as lead for intelligence-related content in the annual Concepts and Programs book.
  • Conduct liaison with the NRO.

Points of Contact

Branch Head, Intelligence Plans, Enterprise Strategy & Policies
COMM: 703.693.1761  DSN: 223

  • Operations Officer
    COMM:  703.614.2628  DSN:  224