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Intelligence Division

Deputy Commandant for Information

Intelligence Manpower & Training Branch

Intelligence Manpower and Training Branch (IOP) executes HQMC responsibilities concerning Marine Corps management of intelligence manpower, personnel structure, career progression, and training.

  • Coordinate with MCCDC on all intelligence organization and manning issues.
  • Assist in planning augmentation/mobilization of intelligence reserves in exercise support, special projects and real world contingencies.
  • Maintain a central registry of intelligence personnel, including those with an additional military MOS 02XX/26XX, to assist staff agencies in the selection of qualified personnel to assignment to intelligence billets.
  • Coordinate with manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA) Directorate on all intelligence MOS personnel staffing issues.
  • Advise M&RA on the acquisition, training and movement of all OCCFld 02XX/26XX/8611 personnel for the Marine Corps.
  • Coordinate IMA, SMCR Units, and IRR working in support of the DIRINT.
  • Coordinate intelligence training and language training input into the Training Input Plan.
  • Coordinate with M&RA regarding intelligence personnel sent to intelligence training.
  • Maintain the central registry of foreign language skilled Marines.
  • Assist in planning the mobilization of language skilled Marines in support of exercises, special projects and real work contingencies.
  • Coordinate with M&RA on retention and promotion issues.
  • Coordinate with M&RA, MCCDC, TFS and major subordinate command advocates to identify and review intelligence billet requirements for adequacy and applicability to Marine Corps needs.
  • Advise M&RA in the establishment of criteria for assignment and voiding of MOS in OccFlds 02XX and 26XX.
  • Coordinate with M&RA to identify, isolate and eliminate any intelligence peculiar problems within the Marine Corps force structure.
  • Review all the programs of instruction for the intelligence courses used to train Marine Intelligence personnel and maintains liaison with Marine Corps representatives at the intelligence schools.
  • Review all intelligence publications and training aids for accuracy and pertinence in coordination with CG, MCDC, Training and Education Division and Director of Headquarters Support.
  • Serve as the principle interface between the Defense Intelligence Agency Office of Training (OT-1), the Director of Naval Intelligence (OP-009R10), National Security Agency (S-354) and the Marine Corps for all Intelligence training matters and Defense Attaché System.
  • Represent the Marine Corps at various training meetings and conferences.
  • Coordinate with M&RA on all languages skill manpower issues.
  • Advise M&RA and TECOM of the acquisition and training of the Marine Corps language program.
  • Coordinate/Manager Foreign language Proficiency Requirement Program.


Branch Head, Intelligence Manpower & Training
COMM: 703.693.6411  DSN: 223

  • Deputy Branch Head
    COMM:  703.614.4005  DSN: 224