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Intelligence Division

Deputy Commandant for Information

Junior Officer Strategic Intelligence Program (JOSIP)

DIRINT's Intent

Familiarize and educate a small cadre of intelligence officers inthe capabilities, limitations, and workis of the greater Intelligence Community (IC) architecture.

JOSIP Objectives

  • Become embedded in an IC organization which will allow for the full experience of working within a host agency.
  • When applicable, act as DIRINT engagement officers, supporting HQMC Intel requirements to include outreach efforts such as emerging trends, forecasting and predictive analysis and the improvement of applied Intel tradecraft.
  • Additionally, serve as HQMC I-Dept collaborative officers to the IC host agencies to help strengthen inter-agency relationships through joint  initiatives.

JOSIP Overview

JOSIP Selectees attend the National Intelligence University (NIU) Strategic Studies curriculum, where they attain a Master’s Degree in Strategic Intelligence or Technical Intelligence. Following graduate study, participants serve as interns at a number of organizations within the National Capital Region. Internships will be coordinated by Intelligence Futures Assessments Branch, Intelligence Department, Headquarters Marine Corps. After completion of the JOSIP program, Officers are required to return to the operating forces.

Eligibility and Application Process

  •  Eligibility requirements are as follows:

    --  Regular Officer
    --  PMOS of 0202
    --  Rank of Captain or First Lieutenant
    --  Possess a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university
    --  Fully adjudicated Top Secret clearance with eligibity for Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) GRE  
        within the last five years
    --  Possess at least two years of intelligence experience by 1 August of the application fiscal year
    --  No more than 10 years total service by 1 August of the application fiscal year
    --  Career designated prior to executing orders
    --  Eligible Officers are encourged to apply through the Commandant's Career-Level Education Board (CCLEB) 

Points of Contact
Intelligence Futures/Assessments Branch (IFA)
COMM:  703-693-1761  DSN:  223

Deputy, Intelligence Futures/Assessments
COMM:  703-695-2037  DSN:  225

Previous Internships

1.  Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office
     --  Irregular Warfare Support Program
     --  Advance Analytic Capabilities

2.  Department of State
--  Bureau of Intelligence and Research

3.  Department of Treasury
     --  Office of Intelligence Analysis

4.  Drug Enforcement Administration
--  Office of National Security Intelligence

5.  Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity

6.  National Defense University

7.  U.S. Agency for International Development
     --  Bureau for Demoncracy, Conflict, and
         Humanitarian Assistance
     --  Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance