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Running a Hiring Board

Federal Hiring Process Models:  To make the Federal Government competitive for the best talent America has to offer, the hiring process needs to be lean, fast and effective. To be ready to hire swiftly, agencies must do their “strategic homework” by conducting workforce planning, an important part of strategic human capital management. 

This process model includes the following information:

  • Competitive Examing Process
  • 45-Day Model to Hire Employees Swiftly
  • 30-Day Model to Hire Executives Swiftly
  • Competitive Examining Process
  • SES Merit Staffing Process

              CLICK HERE for more information regarding the federal hiring process.

Supervisory Learning Resource Center:
  In the learning resource center you will find: Learning resources to support performance, just-in-time and just-enough learning aids, quick access to tutorials, job aids and cheat sheets, role-based information for supervisors and employees, links to related training, policy, FAQs and points of contact.  As a supervisor, you have the best and most comprehensive understanding of your vacancy. By proactively marketing your vacancy, you can speed up the recruitment process by promoting your vacancy as soon as you know an employee plans to leave your organization.