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Intelligence Oversight
Inspector General of the Marine Corps

Marine Corps Order (MCO) 3800.2C, "Oversight of Intelligence Activities" is currently in draft.  MCO 3800.2B was published 30 Apr 2004, and saw significant revisions to include:

  1. Clarifications on what units and personnel fall under the provisions of this MCO for training, reporting and other oversight requirements.   
  2. Clarifications on staff responsibilities of the Command Inspector General, the senior intelligence offier, and the staff judge advocate.   
  3. Clarifications on baseline training requirements.   
  4. Inspection requirements changed from 18 to 24 months.   
  5. Guidance/clarification on intelligence activities related to anti-terrorism force protection, domestic urban training, use of the internet, and domestic imagery.   

The Department of Defense Senior Intelligence Oversight Official for Intelligence Oversight hosts a web page providing further information. Additional resources are also linked below, to include definitions of common terms.

Inspector General of the Marine Corps