Intelligence Oversight
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Inspector General of the Marine Corps
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To ensure the effective implementation of Marine Corps-wide Oversight of Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Sensitive activities, and special access programs. To establish policies and ensure their legality, propriety, and regulatory compliance with appropriate DoD/DoN guidance.
Examples of sensitive activities include:

  • Military support to civil authorities.
  • Lethal support/training to non-USMC agencies.
  • CONUS off-base training.
  • Covered, clandestine, undercover activities.
  • Intelligence collection on U.S. persons.

For addition information in regards to submitting classified complaints please refer to our SIPR portal:
or contact IGO via SIPR email at


Spring 2021 Overwatch

Winter 2021 Overwatch

DoD Directive 5148.13 - Intelligence Oversight

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Inspector General of the Marine Corps