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Inspector General of the Marine Corps

Headquarters Marine Corps

Grading Criteria

Inspector General of the Marine Corps IGMC Grading Criteria
as defined in NAVMC DIR 5040.6H, 18 March 2007

When Inspecting a Marine Corps Command under the Unit Inspection Program (UIP) the IGMC must ensure the unit is complying with Marine Corps orders, policies, and procedures.  As well as, accomplishing its assigned mission, tasks, and functions.  Units and their Functional Area Programs will be assessed Mission Capable or Non-Mission Capable.  At the time of inspection, did the unit/program possess requisite skills, equipment, personnel, and understanding of directives required to accomplish all assigned mission, tasks, and functions.  The Functional Area Checklists items may be found fully compliant, with a discrepancy, or with a finding.

Compliant Self-explanatory

Discrepancy Failure to comply with guidance, direction, and required actions.

Finding An error that detracts from readiness, involves waste fraud or abuse,
                            health, safety, morale, welfare, or deviates from HHQ policies.

Similarly, when the IGMC assesses a Command Inspection Program (CIP) the purpose is to determine the overall effectiveness of a Commanding General’s Inspection Program (CGIP).  During a CIP the same terms and standards will be used.  CIPs will be assessed as Mission Capable or Non-Mission Capable.  Instead of assessing each Functional Area Checklist during a CIP, the IGMC will assess the Command Inspectors’ abilities to use the Functional Area Checklist in determining overall program compliance.