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Inspector General of the Marine Corps

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The CoRE List

Updated: 02 April 2019

The IGMC has designated the following 37 Functional Areas as being Critical or Required Evaluation (CoRE).  Furthermore, the Commandant of the Marine Corps has identified his "top five" priorities, highlighted in redThe IGMC UIP and CIP inspections will focus on these CoRE Functional Areas, however, Commanders and Commanding Generals are encouraged to inspect beyond these areas to better honor the needs of their commands.  The applicable portions in Functional Areas annotated below with an asterisk* shall be used to inspect General Staffs.  Finally, there are 5 additional inspections required for Marine Corps Aviation Commands listed at the bottom of this page, as well as 5 additional inspections required for Installations with Law Enforcement and Corrections activities.  

1. Antiterrorism*

2. Assistance and Investigations*

3. Body Composition & Military Appearance

4. Career Planning*

5. Casualty Affairs

6. Color Guard

7. Command Inspection Program*

8. Cyber Security Management*

9. Consumer Level Supply

10. Defense Travel System*

11. Government Travel Charge Card*

12. Ground Ordnance Maintenance

13. Health Services*

14. Information & Personnel Security*

15. Intel Oversight*

16. Legal Administration

17. Limited Duty

18. Martial Arts

19. Military Awards*

20. Operations Security*

21. Performance Evaluation System

22. Physical Fitness

23. Physical Security*

24. Postal Affairs

25. Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC) Prevention and Response*

26. Records, Reports, & Directives Management*

27. Request Mast*

28. Safety*

29. Sexual Assault Prevention & Response*

30. Substance Abuse Program*

31. Suicide Prevention

32. Transition Readiness

33. Unit, Personal & Family Readiness*

34. Unit Readiness*

35. Unit Training Management*

36. Victim & Witness Assistance

37. Voting Assistance*


        Additional Inspections Required for Aviation Commands

1.  Aircrew Training

2.  Aviation Operations Administration

3.  Aviation Safety

4.  Aviation Supply

5.  Naval Aviation Training Operating Procedures Standardization



         Additional Inspections Required for Installations with a PMO or Marine Corps Police Department

1.  Criminal Investigation Division

2.  Military Working Dog (MWD) Operations

3.  PMO Holding Cells and Detention Spaces

4.  PMO - Marine Corps Police Department Operations

5.  Brigs (Confinement Facilities)


* Applicable portions of these checklists shall be used to inspect General Staffs (G-shops).