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Functional Area Checklists

05 April 2019: All valid Functional Area Checklists are listed alphabetically below.  An "effective date" column was added to allow better sorting; effective dates depict new checklists, checklists with updates, and/or otherwise validated checklists by the functional area sponsor. 

New Checklist(s):  N/A.

Updated Checklist(s):   Suicide Prevention Program (1720) [questions 0103 & 0109].

Removed Checklist(s):  Mobility Readiness (4113), School Liaison Program (SLP) (1755), Family Member Employment Assistance Program (1700.38), and Single Marine Program (1700.36) have been removed.

Note:  Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) (1754.9) is conducting "teach and train" assessments at this time.  Formal inspections will not be provided until MCO 1754.9A is updated.

Valid Checklists
TitleDescriptionEffective Date
Aircrew Training (3500.14)CoRE9/18/2018
Antiterrorism (3302)CoRE9/17/2018
Assistance and Investigations (5370)CoRE7/1/2017
Aviation Command and Control Training (3500.10)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Aviation Facilities (11130)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Aviation Facilities (11130)Non-CoRE1/1/2020
Aviation Operations Administration (3700)CoRE11/12/2018
Aviation Safety (3750)CoRE1/8/2019
Aviation Supply (4400.17)CoRE11/14/2018
Body Composition and Military Appearance Program (6110)CoRE11/12/2018
Brigs (1640)CoRE12/9/2018
Career Planning Program (1040)CoRE9/18/2018
Casualty Affairs (3040)CoRE9/19/2018
CBRN Defense (3400)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Color Guard (5060.1)CoRE9/24/2018
Combat And Operational Stress Control (COSC) (5351)Non-CoRE9/18/2018
Command Inspection Program (5040)CoRE1/1/2017
Community Counseling Program (CCP) (1754.14)Non-CoRE9/18/2018
Criminal Investigation Division (USMC CID) Operations (5580.1)CoRE12/18/2018
Cyber Security Management (5239)CoRE11/7/2018
Defense Travel System (4650)CoRE9/24/2018
Drill (5060.2)Non-CoRE1/1/2018
Engineer Equipment Maintenance (4790)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Environmental Program Management (5090)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
EOD Technical Evaluation (3571)Non-CoRE3/6/2019
Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) (1754.4)Non-CoRE1/1/2018
Expeditionary Airfield (EAF) Aircraft Recovery (13800)Non-CoRE1/1/2018
Expeditionary Firefighting Rescue and Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (6500)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Family Advocacy Program (1754.11)Non-CoRE1/1/2018
Family Care Plans (1740.13)Non-CoRE11/30/2018
Family Housing (11000.22)Non-CoRE2/1/2018
Family Team Building (MCFTB) Program (1754.6)Non-CoRE9/18/2018
Field Band (5000)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Foreign Disclosure (5510.2)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Formal School Management (1553.2)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Garrison Personal Property Plant & Equipment (PPE) (7320)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Government Travel Charge Card Program (GTCCP) 4600CoRE9/4/2018
Ground Ordnance Maintenance (8000)CoRE1/18/2019
Health Service Support (6000)CoRE9/25/2018
Historical Program (5750)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Identification Cards (5512)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Information and Personnel Security Program (IPSP) (5510.3)CoRE11/14/2018
Leave, Liberty and Meal Card Accountability (1050)Non-CoRE1/10/2018
Legal Administration (5800.16)CoRE12/12/2018
Lifelong Learning (1560)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Limited Duty (1900.2)CoRE9/4/2018
Maintenance Management (4790.2)Non-CoRE1/30/2018
Marksmanship Program 3574Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Martial Arts Program (1500.59)CoRE11/12/2018
Military Awards (1650)CoRE9/18/2018
Military Working Dog (MWD) Operations (5585)CoRE12/18/2018
Motor Transport Licensing (11240)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Motor Transport Operations (11240)Non-CoRE11/12/2018
Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) (3710)CoRE9/18/2018
Officer and Enlisted Promotion Process (1400)Non-CoRE11/12/2018
Operations Security (3070)CoRE11/12/2018
Oversight Intel, Non Intel Sensitive Activities (3800)CoRE11/14/2018
Performance Evaluation System (1610)CoRE9/18/2018
Personal Financial Management Program (1700.37)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Physical Fitness and Combat Fitness Program (6100)CoRE11/12/2018
Physical Security (5530)CoRE9/24/2018
PMO Holding Cells and Detention Spaces (1630)CoRE11/12/2018
PMO Operations (5580)CoRE11/12/2018
Postal Affairs (5110)CoRE11/14/2018
Printing and Publications Management Program (5600)Non-CoRE2/6/2019
Privacy Act (5211)Non-CoRE2/6/2019
Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC) Prevention and Response (5354.1)CoRE9/15/2018
Range and Training Area Management (3550)Non-CoRE1/1/2018
Records, Reports, and Directives Management Programs (5210)CoRE9/17/2018
Recreation Programs (1700)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Religious Ministries (1730)Non-CoRE2/22/2018
Request Mast (1700.23)CoRE3/8/2018
Safety Program (5100)CoRe1/4/2019
Separation and Retirement (1900.1)Non-CoRE9/17/2018
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SAPR) (1752)CoRE9/18/2018
Sponsorship Program (1320)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Substance Abuse Program (5300)CoRE11/7/2018
Suicide Prevention Program (1720)CoRE4/5/2019
Supply, Consumer-Level (4400)CoRE11/13/2018
Sword Manual (5060.3)Non-CoRE1/1/2018
Transient Housing (11000)Non-CoRE2/22/2017
Transition Readiness Program (1700.31)CoRE11/12/2018
Unaccompanied Housing (11000.1)Non-CoRE2/22/2017
Uniform Inspection (1020)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Unit Readiness (3000)CoRE11/12/2018
Unit Training Management (1553.3)CoRE9/17/2018
Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) (1754.9)CoRE9/27/2018
Victim and Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) (5800.14)CoRE9/17/2018
Voting Assistance Program (1742)CoRE11/11/2018
Water Survival Training Program (1500.52)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
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