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Why Strategic Workforce Planning?
Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) enables leaders to approach human resources management responsibilities with a proactive, forward-thinking, and multi-disciplined strategy designed to align an organization’s workforce with strategic priorities, mission, and budget constraints. Specifically, SWP analyzes the current workforce against the future workforce requirements and analyzes the “gaps” for significant impacts on an organization’s mission. The SWP process clearly identifies areas of concern and develops targeted action plans to overcome those barriers to success. 
Have you considered:
  • How many employees are eligible to retire today? This year? Next year? Are you prepared?
  • Does your workforce have the competencies required to meet the current/future challenges?
  • Does your organizational design lead to redundancy?
  • How diverse is your workforce compared to the surrounding community? HQMC? DoD?
  • Is your workforce flexible enough to do more with less?

SWP can answer these questions and much more. It simply requires a commitment from all stakeholders, from the senior leader(s) to supervisors, from HR professionals to Manpower and Budget Analysts. This is a comprehensive approach to human resources management that will further enable your organization to have the right people in the right place at the right time to successfully accomplish the mission.

Urgent Need for Strategic Workforce Planning in USMC

Due to changing economic conditions and policies throughout the Department of Defense, the Marine Corps is experiencing significant changes regarding its manpower and structure requirements. In order to meet these requirements while still accomplishing the mission, all Marine Corps organizations must strategically examine their workforce requirements and take effective action by using legal personnel practices and staying within budget limitations. SWP provides a means for appropriately meeting these requirements while ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time.

SWP is not just a dollars and numbers exercise. SWP helps bring to light various factors affecting mission accomplishment to help ensure organizations comprise a well-aligned, highly skilled, motivated, and diverse workforce that possesses appropriate competencies and developmental opportunities in order to accomplish their missions, regardless of the changes and challenges they may face.

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