Civilian Leadership Development Program (CLDP)
The HQMC Civilian Leadership Development Program (CLDP) provides for development of the leadership competencies and skills of appropriated fund (APF) and non-appropriated fund (NAF) civilian employees assigned to Headquarters Marine Corps staff agencies, Headquarters Battalion, Henderson Hall, and Marine Barracks Washington/Marine Corps Institute. The CLDP is helping to develop civilian leaders for the future of the United States Marine Corps. 

CLDP Overview:

  • Geared to enhance leadership competencies and skills that everyone needs, no matter what their career field may be
  • Volunteer program open to all civilians in all pay system, except Senior Executive Service (SES)
Key Players:
  • Employees
  • Mentor
  • Supervisor
Main Elements:
  • Leadership Skills assessment based on the Department of Defense Leadership Continuum
  • Individual Leadership development Plan(ILDP)
  • Employee-driven
  • Mentoring relationship outside supervisory chain
  • Supervisor approval & support
How to Apply
The following are the basic steps to participate in the CLDP:
  • Contact the CLDP Administrator
  • Enroll in the CLDP
  • Employee and Supervisor complete a leadership skills assessment
  • Select a mentor
  • Work with the mentor to create an Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP)
  • Supervisor approves the employee’s ILDP
  • Complete ILDP activities
  • Re-assess skills and update ILDP as needed


HQMC Civilian Leadership Development Program (CLDP) Handbook  Adobe Acrobat Document
HQMC Civilian Leadership Development Program (CLDP) Application
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HQMC Civilian Leadership Development Program (CLDP) Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP)
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HQMC Mentoring Guide  Adobe Acrobat Document

Civilian Leadership Development Program


Organizational and Workforce Management Section

Mailing Address:

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (HQMC) Code ARHM
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
Room 2C253
Washington, DC 20350-3000


Phone: 703-614-9088

Attention: The CLD Program needs Mentors! A very rewarding experience can be just at your fingertips! Become a vital part of the CLD Program – help to guide, develop, and lead our participants through their journey in CLD! to learn more about becoming a Mentor.