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Human Resources and Organizational Management

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Supervisors' Onboarding Guide: Phase 4
The New Hire’s first 90 days gives you both an opportunity to shift attention from the short-term to the longer-term, from a tactical approach to one that is more strategic. Take this opportunity to work with New Hires to review the work they’ve already done and make help them make plans for the future of their career. 
Your Tasks for the First 90 Days

Key Activities for Phase Four

  • Review Federal Government Benefits – For most benefits, the New Hire has a 90 day window to make their election decisions. Work with them to ensure they have the time and resources to carefully consider these decisions. For more information, please see the Federal Benefits web page.
  • Assist New Hire in Building an Individual Development Plan (IDP) – In order to provide the New Hire with the best opportunities to develop job-related skills, you should work with them to develop an IDP. To access the HQMC IDP Handbook, please [/Portals/143/Docs/IDP_Handbook.pdf].
  • Review the New Hire’s First SF-50 – Once the initial hiring action has been processed, the New Hire will receive their first SF-50 Notice of Personnel Action. Since interpreting these forms will be important throughout their federal career, be sure that they understand what it means to them.
  • Introduce MyPay, MyBiz, and Total Workforce Management System (TWMS) – Now that the New Hire’s record is present in the system, they will be able to access their personal records and manage their benefits through a variety of resources. Be sure that New Hires are provided access and basic training in the use of MyPay, MyBiz, and TWMS. For more information, please see the Your Benefits web page.

The First 90 Days

Phase 4 Checklists and Resources
The Onboarding Guide provides a checklist to accompany each phase of the onboarding process to assist the New Hire. Please ensure that they have access to their Phase 4 checklist and be aware of what it requires of them.
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