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Human Resources and Organizational Management

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How Onboarding Works
The onboarding process consists of five phases, beginning when you have accepted the job offer and continuing through your first year of employment. The five phases vary in length but represent critical steps in the onboarding experience. Click on the photos below to learn more about each phase.

The Five Phases

Click here to learn more about Phase 1Phase 1: Before You Arrive

Before you begin your new career as a Civilian Marine, we will require you to fill out and sign a number of forms that have been mandated by law. You will be asked to present these forms on your first day. Also, this section provides you with a general overview of all the benefits to which you are entitled as a Federal employee with instructions on how to enroll.

Click here to learn more about Phase 2Phase 2: Your First Day
The first day that you report for work is called your "Entrance on Duty (EOD)." This phase provides you with information concerning what you can expect.

Click here to learn more about Phase 3Phase 3: Your First Week
During your first week, you will be engaged in learning your new environment and gaining access to the important tools that you will be using to manage your life as a Civilian Marine.

Click here to learn more about Phase 4Phase 4: Your First 90 Days
By this time, you should have full access to all your online accounts and you will be able to manage your personnel records and your individual benefits programs.

Click here to learn more about Phase 5Phase 5: Your First Year
There are a variety of opportunities available to Civilian Marines. We are committed to supporting you in your personal and professional development during your first year and beyond.

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