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Human Resources and Organizational Management

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Supervisors' Onboarding Guide: Phase 3
A New Hire’s first week is often very busy. Not only are they still working to complete technical in-processing requirements for HQMC, they are already trying to learn and understand the functions of their new office. It will be important for you (and the Sponsor, if you’ve assigned one) to be available to assist with technical issues while still giving appropriate attention to beginning the process of managing the New Hire’s performance. 
Your Tasks the First Week

Key Activities for Phase Three

  • Begin the Performance Management Process – During the first week, you should find time to work with the New Hire to begin the Performance Management Process. To do this completely, you must introduce/explain the Performance Management System (PMS) that they will be working under, help them to develop a performance plan, and approve the final version of that plan. Throughout the process, work hard to ensure it is clear how the technical requirements of the PMS relate back to the actual completion of their duties.
  • Procure Appropriate Credentials – It can be difficult and annoying to navigate Marine Corps spaces and technology without the appropriate credentials. As soon as the appropriate records have been processed, ensure that the New Hire receives their Building Badges and Common Access Card (CAC).
  • Explain Time & Attendance System – Ensure that the New Hire is familiar with the requirements and logistics surrounding their work schedule and attendance requirements and make sure that they know any command-specific requirements. Train them in the system used to record time (for example, SLDCADA).
  • Register New Hire for Orientation/Acculturation – Though the New Hire receives some important information on their first day, it is very important that they return for Orientation and Marine Corps Acculturation Sessions. For Civilian Training and Schedule information, please see the HROM-Sponsored Training web page.

The First Week

Phase 3 Checklists and Resources
The Onboarding Guide provides a checklist to accompany each phase of the onboarding process to assist the New Hire. Please ensure that they have access to their Phase 3 checklist and be aware of what it requires of them.
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