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Human Resources and Organizational Management

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Supervisors' Onboarding Guide: Phase 2
The New Hire’s first day is often heavily focused on the technical requirements of in-processing into their new position. They will spend time in the morning going over their paperwork and receiving some mandatory orientation material with an HR specialist, then will be available to report to your office. By being prepared for their arrival and avoiding “down time” where they are left with nothing to do will help them to positively begin their career as a Civilian Marine. 
Your Tasks for Entrance on Duty (EOD)

Phase Two of the Onboarding process focuses on reporting for duty: the day of the New Hire’s transition into their new position. Their Entrance on Duty (EOD) day will include signing in to the building, introducing them to their Onboarding Sponsor (if one has been assigned), providing them with a formal introduction to the organization, administering the Oath of Office, giving them a tour of the office facilities, introducing them to co-workers, setting them up in their new workspace, and providing them with an opportunity to meet with you.

Key Activities for Phase Two

  • Welcome the New Hire – After the New Hire has completed their EOD activities with an HR specialist they will be ready to report to your office. You—or someone from your office if you are unable—should welcome them, introduce them to other staff members, give them a tour of the facilities, show them their work area, and train them on basic office technology (voicemail, door security, etc).
  • Arrange to Have Lunch – Depending on the situation of your office, the first day is a great opportunity to take the New Hire out for an informal lunch. This can be one-on-one or as an office, and it provides a casual means to break the ice.
  • Introduce New Hire to Leadership – Scheduling a brief meeting with a senior leader in your command will allow the New Hire to receive informal guidance, gain early visibility, and become comfortable with their chain-of-command.
  • Meet with New Hire Regarding Work and Requirements – Be sure to take time to sit down with the New Hire on their first day to discuss alternate work schedules (AWS) and telework as appropriate and to inform them how to request various kinds of leave. Finalize their schedule and work assignments and present the organizational overview and work information you compiled for them during Phase 1. This is an opportunity for them to ask any questions they might have about the office, their work, or other issues.
  • Begin Mandatory Online Training – The Information Service Coordinator (ISC) should be able to provide the New Hire with exempted network access through a user name and password. (If for some reason they do not have full computer access at EOD, you should try to provide a means for them to complete mandatory online training, perhaps at an administrative computer or public kiosk.) Completing such requirements prior to getting involved in heavy work assignments is an effective use of this early time.

Taking Oath

Phase 2 Checklists and Resources
The Onboarding Guide provides a checklist to accompany each phase of the onboarding process to assist the New Hire. Please ensure that they have access to their Phase 2 checklist and be aware of what it requires of them.
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