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Human Resources and Organizational Management

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Compensatory Time Off for Travel
DoD civilians do a lot of traveling in the performance of their official duties. While travel should be scheduled to coincide with an employee’s regular tour of duty, that is not always possible. In cases where an employee is required to travel away from the official duty station and when such time is not otherwise compensable, the employee may be eligible to be credited with travel compensatory time. 

Use of Compensatory Time Off for Travel is governed by a number of regulations. Please consult the following for further information:


Business Travel

Important Facts!
  • An employee must use accrued travel comp time by the end of the 26th pay period after it was credited. Under no circumstance will payment be made for unused travel compensatory time.
  • An employee who voluntarily transfers to another Federal agency or who separates from the Federal service will forfeit any unused travel compensatory time.
  • For every 8 ½ hours of creditable travel compensatory time, ½ hour must be deducted as a bona fide meal period.