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Court Leave
An employee is entitled to paid time off without charge to leave for service as a juror or witness. An employee is responsible for informing his or her supervisor if he or she is excused from jury or witness service for 1 day or more. 

Jury Duty

An employee who is summoned to serve as a juror in a judicial proceeding is entitled to court leave.


An employee who is summoned as a witness in a judicial proceeding in which the Federal, State, or local government is a party is entitled to court leave.

Official Duty

An employee who is summoned as a witness in an official capacity on behalf of the Federal Government is on official duty, not court leave.
Jury duty is a civic responsibility!

An employee who is under proper summons from a court to serve on a jury should be granted court leave for the entire period, regardless of the number of hours per day or days per week he actually serves on the jury during the period. Jury service for which an employee is entitled to court leave does not include periods when the employee is excused or discharged by the court, either for an indefinite period, subject to call by the court or for a definite period in excess of one day.


When an employee is called for court service (as a witness or juror), the court order, subpoena, or summons, if one was issued, must be presented to the supervisor as far in advance as possible.

Jury Duty Service Payment Fees

Fees received by the employee are collected while allowances are not collected. The employee must submit fees by money order or personal check along with a certificate of attendance to the employing activity.

The certificate of attendance shows inclusive dates of jury duty and the amount of fees the court paid to the employee. The certificate of attendance should identify fees and allowances separately. If the certificate of attendance does not identify allowances separately, all moneys are considered fees and shall be collected.

OPM Fact Sheet: Court Leave  
DoD Financial Management Regulation Volume 8, Chapter 5 of Setpember 2008 (COURT LEAVE)