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Human Resources and Organizational Management

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Employee Awards
Awards are an effective tool that managers can use to recognize and reward employees who have significantly advanced the organization’s mission and goals. Civilian employees can be recognized in many ways for a job well done to include kind words from a supervisor to incentive and honorary awards. 

The Marine Corps has a variety of award options available to managers to include but not limited to monetary awards, time-off awards, non-monetary incentive awards, and various honorary awards such as the Meritorious Civilian Service Award, Superior Civilian Service Award, and the Distinguished Civilian Service Award.

Please consult the following references for additional information on awards:
Department of Navy Civilian Human Resources Manual 451.1  
MCO 12451.2C: Honorary Awards for Civilian Employees  
MCO 12451.3B: Incentive Awards Program for HQMC Civilians  
Forms for HQMC Civilian Employee Award Nominations
Special Act and On the Spot Cash Award  
Time Off Award  
Informal HQMC Incentive Award
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