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Employee Relations

In this section, you will find guidance and information on such issues as awards, telework, alternative work schedules, performance management and much more.

The primary role of Employee Relations is to advise managers concerning constructive approaches that they can use to deal effectively with workplace issues. A significant portion of this work involves strategies to correct employee conduct and performance deficiencies. However, Employee Relations also provides guidance to employees who are trying to resolve workplace concerns. This guidance may include an explanation of the administrative grievance process, appeal rights in the event of an adverse personnel action, or simply an explanation of policies and rules.

Employee Relations is a complex area involving the intersection of a wide variety of laws, regulations, and policies. In the field of Employee Relations, the best advice is to consult early and consult often.

Whom to Contact:

The LER staff is assigned to specific organizations and/or programs. Please call the office nearest you and ask to be referred to the staff member who handles your particular issue.

The LER Staff team is available to conduct training sessions on a variety of topics, including attendance and leave, injury compensation, labor relations, and performance management.


View the Labor and Employee Relations Contact Card HERE.

Employee Relations
Our Contact Information

Labor and Employee Relations (Pentagon)
Room 2C253
Phone: (703) 695-3891‚Äč
Email: smb_hqmc_ler_ptgz@usmc.mil

Directions to the Pentagon 

Labor and Employee Relations (Quantico)
Mann Hall, Building 2004, 1st Deck
Phone: (703) 784-2049
Email: smb_hqmc_ler_quan@usmc.mil

Labor and Employee Relations (Field Team)
Mann Hall, Building 2004, 1st Deck
Phone: (703) 784-2049
Email: smb_hqmc_ler_field_team_quan@usmc.mil

Directions to Quantico

Labor and Employee Relations (HRT-LER Team)
HQs MARCORSYSCOM, Building 2200, 2nd Deck
Phone: (703) 784-2049
Email: ana.m.prada@usmc.mil