Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron One



The mission of the communications department (S6) is to provide continuous and reliable communications support for HMX-1. The S6 consists of two sections, the Communication Systems Operators (CSO) who are qualified aircrew aboard Marine One helicopters and the Aviation Logistics Information Management Support (ALIMS). Both of these sections work closely together in order to accomplish the no fail presidential mission.




Communications Officer  5714944952
Communications Chief 5714944680
Communications Shop 5714944874
ALIMS Chief 5714944962
ALIMS Help Desk 5714944926
Communications Fax 5714944587


Notes for CSO (Communication Systems Operator) Applicants
Assignment to HMX-1 Communications is strictly voluntary. Applicants must volunteer for helicopter aircrew duty. Additional requirements for application include:



  • Pass enlisted rotary wing flight physical, (completed by flight surgeon prior to executing orders)
  • Top Secret/SCI eligible
  • Career only (no FTAP Marines will be considered for application, unless the Marine is pending re-enlistment)
  • Rank of Corporal through Staff Sergeant
  • Only accepting MOS fields: 0621, 0629,0631, 0639, 0671, 0679
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Must have 1st class CFT/PFT and have outstanding military appearance
  • Must pass a credit check on all three reporting bureaus
  • All tattoos will be screened
  • Pre-Screening Packet: Pre-Screening Form



Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron One