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General Information

The purpose of the HMX-1 Applicant Interview/Pre-screening Form is to determine if the applicant is eligible to receive a Top Secret security clearance, and also meets the criteria set forth by the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) for assignment to Presidential Support Duty (YANKEE WHITE). The screening form allows the Commanding Officer to determine, in advance, whether or not an applicant meets the security qualifications for highly restrictive programs. Personnel assigned to HMX-1 who do not meet the security criteria are transferred, which is why filling out the screening and forwarding to HMX-1 Security Administration is so vital. In order to more accurately assess eligibility for the Yankee White program, HMX-1 requests applicants include a current credit report from each of the three major credit reporting bureaus (Equifax, Experian, & TransUnion). provides one free report every year from each bureau. If found ineligible for security reasons, the applicant will not be assigned to HMX-1, per current Navy, Defense Department, and White House Military Office directives. Any questions regarding the screening process should be directed to HMX-1 Security Administration (contact info provided below in the "Notes" section).

For more information regarding the opportunities at HMX-1, open the "Recruiting Brief" (located under the Documents tab on the right side of the page).

Note for CSO Applicants: referd to the guidelines for applicants included on the "Communications (S-6)" page found under Units.


  • Forms may be locally reproduced as required.
  • Each Marine who is in receipt of orders to HMX-1 or desires orders to HMX-1 must complete a pre-screening form.
  • Each form must be signed by the applicant. Applicant contact information must be provided as required in the form. Personal email addresses may be used if government email is not available.
  • All screening forms must be sent to HMX-1 prior to the applicant detaching from their current command.
Forms may be sent via FAX to:
HMX-1 Security Administration
Comm (571) 494-4569

Forms may be mailed to:
Commanding Officer
Attn Security Administration
2134 Rowell Road
Quantico VA 22134-5064

  • Career planners may obtain screening results (Qualified/Unqualified) directly from HMX-1 Security Administration via telephone: (571)-494-4621.
  • When applicants complete the form, ensure all relevant information is provided. If the applicant marks “YES” to any question, provide details in the COMMENTS section of each page for each applicable response. Comments should include nature of the incident, date (month/year), and disposition/circumstances. The following sample entries provide a format for the applicant to use.
    EXAMPLE: Applicant responds YES to alcohol use

    “Drink an average of six drinks a week.”

    EXAMPLE: Applicant responds YES to marijuana use

    “Experimented 3 times with marijuana before
    enlisting in the USMC. Received waiver from
    recruiter in 1993 during enlistment

    EXAMPLE: Applicant responds YES to criminal history

    “Issued ticket in San Diego, CA in
    Mar 1994 for speeding (55MPH in a 35MPH zone).
    Paid fine of $50.00.”

    “Arrested for DUI in Oceanside, CA in Oct
    1995. Appeared in court, charges reduced to
    reckless driving. Paid $150.00 fine and placed on
    probation for 3 months."

    “Received NJP for UA in 1990 while in
    Okinawa. Fine of $50.00 and reduction to PFC

  • Complete the last page of the form. It is important to ensure SSN and UNIT Mailing Address are filled in, along with current UNIT telephone number (may be Career Planner’s number). This information will allow HMX-1 to contact the Career Planner or applicant in the event further information is required.
  • The format for the current screening form can be found on "HMX-1 Resources" under the Resources Tab.
Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron One