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Secretary of the Navy Energy Award for Marine Corps Expeditionary Units

The annual Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Energy Excellence Awards recognize the accomplishments of Navy and Marine Corps activities who demonstrate leadership and effectiveness in the areas of energy security, new technology, innovation, program management, and efficiency across the Department of the Navy.

The SECNAV Energy Award for Marine Corps Expeditionary Units recognizes energy-related achievements at the battalion/squadron level that extend operational reach and/or increase training readiness. 

Award nomination packages for the 2018 competition were due 13 June and are no longer being accepted. Winners of the 2018 competition will be announced by 31 July 2018.

SECNAV award winners are authorized to display the SECNAV Energy Conservation Award flag for a period of one year from the date of the award announcement. Award winners and units or activities reaching platinum levels of achievement—including USMC Expeditionary Units Award winners—are authorized to receive cash awards and certificates of achievement.

The annual amount and distribution of cash awards will be determined by Navy and Marine Corps energy management. Cash awards may be used at the discretion of the activity commander to improve quality of life, encourage further energy conservation, or for other purposes subject to limitations on use of operations and maintenance funds.

For planning purposes, SECNAVINST 4101.2, which established the SECNAV Energy Excellence Awards Program, is currently undergoing revision and will be updated during Fiscal Year 2018. Changes to the SECNAV energy awards program will take effect in Fiscal Year 2019. The updated awards SECNAV instruction will be shared on this E2O website once the revisions are approved.

Sample Nomination Package
Download: Submission Instructions and Sample Nomination Package for the 2018 SECNAV Energy Award for Marine Corps Expeditionary Units
2018 Nomination Submission Instructions
Specific award criteria are outlined in MARADMIN 262/18 of 9 May 18 (“Solicitation for Nominations for the Secretary of the Navy Energy Award for Marine Corps Expeditionary Units”).

Nomination submission instructions are outlined below. A link to a sample award nomination package is also provided above.

Award Period: The award period for the 2018 competition is fiscal year 2017 (1 October 2016 through 30 September 2017)

Submission Deadline: 13 June 2018 (due to USMC Expeditionary Energy Office)

Submission Instructions:
  • Award nomination packages must be submitted through the appropriate chain of command to USMC E2O
  • Submit award nomination packages via e-mail to
  • Due to inbox size limitations, e-mails should not exceed 7MB (including all attachments and photos)
  • Submissions via AMRDEC SAFE (secure site for sharing large files) are permissible (instructions at

Elements of Award Nomination Package: See sample provided above for required elements and format of nomination packages

Award Criteria: (Submissions should address one or more criteria)

Self-Sufficiency. Battalions/squadrons will be evaluated based on their innovative use of energy efficient equipment and/or employment of energy efficient practices to the following ends:
  • Extend Operational Reach. Increase the number of days an individual Marine and/or unit can accomplish the mission without fuel, battery, and/or water resupply.
  • Lighten the Load. Reduce the carried weight of individual Marines and/or eliminate the need for the unit to bring excess equipment to the fight (e.g., unnecessary equipment spares such as generators, batteries).
Awareness and Training. Evaluation based on:
  • Promotion of efficient energy management practices in and beyond the unit (e.g., document and share energy-related standard operating procedures with other units via the Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned).
  • Attendance at an energy-related SYSCOM or command-sponsored training session (e.g., new equipment training for program of record systems such as the Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network System (GREENS) and the Solar Portable Alternative Communications Energy System (SPACES)).
Innovation. Evaluation based on the relative creativity/uniqueness of new energy-related policies, operational or administrative procedures, organizational behavior, use or demonstration of innovative technology, or other factors not specifically called out in this criteria.
USMC Expeditionary Energy Award Winners
See SECNAV Energy Award for Marine Corps Expeditionary Units past winners dating back to 2015, the first year of the award category.
More Info?
- Contact E2O at or 703-432-8069 for more information about submitting nominations for the SECNAV Energy Award for Marine Corps Expeditionary Units.


Equipment In The Field
 1st Battalion, 8th Marines uses GREENS to power COC comms equipment
 3rd Battallion, 5th Marines uses SPACES to recharge batteries for small electronics
 Marines stay cool in tents with radiant barriers and LEDs
 GREENS power HIMARS and other heavy artillery