Energy Action Month


October is Energy Action Month!

One of the priorities of the Expeditionary Energy Office is to discover innovative power technology solutions to support the dismounted warfighter. When recently asked about the most important technology for the infantry, Gen Neller stated "a smart way to recharge batteries...[and] maintain a sort of expeditionary power capability." As new technology is being fielded to infantry units, the demand for power at even the smallest unit levels dramatically increases. Current dismounted power systems are too heavy and do not effectively support the Marines' power requirements. 


We are looking for innovative systems that enable Marines to power more equipment with fewer batteries. This technology will allow Marines to forage power from the environment to rapidly recharge their batteries, whether it is harnessing solar power or leveraging power sources on the battlefield. This will extend the unit's tactical reach and allow them to effectively operate and communicate for longer periods of time without resupply.


E2O is conducting the detailed analysis to determine the power requirements of Marines at the squad, platoon, and company levels. With this information, we can identify the most viable commercially available systems to test and demonstrate through user evaluations with operational infantry units. Feedback and results from these evaluations will then inform new requirements and develop future programs of record. These systems will then be fielded to Marines and ultimately improve their lethality on the battlefield. Marines and leaders, please fill out a quick survey to help improve our power energy efforts. Marines and leaders, please take THIS SURVEY to share your experience and provide insight to our future power energy efforts.