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Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office

HQMC Combat Development & Integration

Previous ExFOBs / E2Cs
 ExFOB/E2C  When  Where  Technology Focus
 2016  May 2016  Camp Pendleton, CA  Small Unit Water Purification;
 Mobile Electric Micro-grid;
 Energy Scavenging; and STP/FRSS (RFI)
 2015  June 2015  Camp Lejeune, NC  Hybrid/Electric ATVs; Advanced Batteries;
 and Fuel Cells (RFI)
 2014  May 2014  Camp Pendleton, CA  Tactical Energy Harvesting (RFI)
 2013  May 2013  Twentynine Palms, CA   Hybrid Power Systems (RFI)
 2012-2  Sept 2012  Camp Pendleton, CA  Thermal Management (RFI)
 2012-1  May 2012  Camp Lejeune, NC  Individual Power and Water (RFI)
 2011  Aug 2011  Twentynine Palms, CA  Vehicle Fuel Eff. & CPV (RFI)
 2010-2  Aug 2010  Twentynine Palms, CA  Hybrid Power Systems (RFI)
 2010-1  Mar 2010  Quantico, VA  Power Gen. & Distrib. (RFI)
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