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Photos from ExFOB 2014
About ExFOB 2014

ExFOB 2014 took place 12-16 May 2014 at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA. The demonstration focused on tactical energy harvesting systems designed to capture kinetic energy from Marines on patrol and waste heat from generators.

Why Energy Harvesting?
Infantry companies today carry 250% more radios and 300% more IT/computers than they did in 2001, leading to a significant increase in battlefield fuel and battery requirements. The individual Marine has felt this impact. Since 2000, a Marine’s assault load has more than doubled in weight (from 41 lbs to 102 lbs). The carried load of batteries in particular has grown from 2 lbs to 13 lbs to meet the growing need for energy-intensive technology on the battlefield.

Innovative approaches to energy harvesting will lighten the carried load, increase infantry mobility, and extend the operational reach of the Marine Corps.

For more about ExFOB 2014, read the HQMC article, blog, and check out the Marine Corps' FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

ExFOB 2014 Participants

Industry Teams / Systems:

  • Bionic Power / PowerWalk Energy Harvester
  • BrenTronics & SBM Solar / Wearable Solar Charger for BB-2590 Battery
  • iLand Green Technologies, Inc. / TUBE portable Solar Charger & Battery
  • InStep NanoPower, LLC / Energy Harvester (shoe)
  • J.A. Reinhardt & EthosGen / Thermal Energy to Electric Power System (TEEPS)
  • Lightning Packs LLC / Electricity Generating Backpack
  • Lockheed Martin & STC, Inc. / Kinetic Boot
  • Protonex Technology Corp. / Personal Energy Harvester (PEH-632)
  • SA Photonics / PowerCell
  • Tremont Electric Inc. / nPower

Government Teams / Systems:

  • Marine Corps Systems Command / Side-by-Side Command Post Demonstration
  • NSWC Carderock / Intelligent Small Unit Power (ISUP) hybrid power solution
  • U.S. Army ERDEC-CERL & LIA / Deployable Metering and Monitoring System (DMMS)
  • Marine Corps Systems Command / Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) with Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
  • SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific / Deployable IT Cooling
  • Naval Postgraduate School / Tactical Long Endurance UAS
  • Naval Postgraduate School / Tethered Multi-Copter
  • Office of Naval Research / Energy and Water S&T Efforts
  • NSWC Dahlgren & Naval Research Lab / Marine Austere Patrolling Systems (MAPS)
  • U.S. Army NSRDEC / Energy Harvester Suite
  • U.S. Army PM-FSS / Shower Water Reuse System
Videos of ExFOB 2014

With the Gear- Lightening Your Load, Lighting Your Way

With the Gear - Recon Marines Test PowerWalk

ExFOB '14: Warfighters Do More With Less

ExFOB '14: Advanced Gear Tested by Marines, for Marines

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