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Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office

HQMC Combat Development & Integration

Expeditionary Energy Concepts (E2C) Team

E2C (formerly known as ExFOB) brings together energy stakeholders from across the Marine Corps requirements, acquisition, and science and technology development communities, as well as from the other military services, to leverage ideas and resources and identify energy solutions to meet warfighter needs. The ExFOB Executive Integrated Process Team is chaired by the Commanding General of the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab and includes representatives from the following organizations:

Marine Corps Warfighting Lab (MCWL) - Through innovation and experimentation, MCWL produces solutions for the Corps’ operating forces. MCWL creates technological and strategic advances in response to the needs of today’s warfighter. Commanding General, MCWL chairs the ExFOB Executive Integrated Process Team. 
Capabilities Development Directorate (CDD) - Operating under the Deputy Commandant for Combat Development & Integration, the Director of CDD develops and integrates warfighting solutions enabling an effective Marine Corps capability to respond to strategic challenges and opportunities.
Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) - MCSC is the Commandant of the Marine Corps's agent for acquisition and sustainment of systems and equipment used to accomplish their warfighting mission.
Training and Education Command (TECOM) - TECOM develops, coordinates, resources, executes, and evaluates training and education concepts, policies, plans, and programs to ensure Marines are prepared to meet the challenges of present and future operational environments.
Office of Naval Research (ONR) - ONR coordinates, executes, and promotes the science and technology (S&T) programs of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. ONR’s directorates balance a robust S&T portfolio, allocating funds to meet the warfighter's requirements.
Army - E2O works closely with the Army on a varierty of energy efforts, leveraging technology investments and ensuring smart use of program dollars. Partners include PM Mobile Electric Power, PM Force Sustainment Systems, PM Soldier Warrior, Natick Soldier Research Development & Engineering Center, Construction Engineering Research Lab, and Logistics Innovation Agency.
E2C Team
E2C Team