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Expeditionary Energy Concepts (E2C) Process
Through E2C (formerly ExFOB), the Marine Corps accelerates technology from concept to combat. Systems that make it through the five phases of E2C – from demonstration to fielding – enable a more self-sufficient, combat-effective future force.

  • Demonstration: Once a year, the E2C team targets 2-3 E2W2 ICD capability gaps and puts out an RFI to industry for solutions to address these gaps. We review the RFI responses and invite a small number of companies out to a Marine Corps base for a week to demonstrate their systems. During the demo, our technical team collects data on system performance and Marines provide qualitative feedback on what they see. After the demo, we produce a report summarizing the data collected.
  • Tech Demo / Engineering Evaluation: Based on the results of the E2C report, we purchase a handful of systems for additional evaluation in a controlled lab environment. During this phase, we work closely with the company to make system adjustments necessary to meet specific USMC needs.
  • Field Evaluation: Once a system has performed well in the lab, we send it to the field for extended user evaluation under combat and training conditions. This could take the form of a CONUS exercise or limited deployment to theater.
  • Requirements Development: Results of the field evaluation inform the development of a written military requirement.
  • Acquisition & Fielding: With a requirement in place, the Marine Corps acquires the capability.
E2C Team
Frequently Asked Questions
For more information about E2C and to learn how you can participate in E2C, visit the Industry Frequently Asked Questions page.