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Photos from E2C 2015
About E2C 2015

The annual Expeditionary Energy Concepts (E2C) technology demonstration – formerly known as ExFOB – took place 23-25 June 2015 at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC.  The demonstration focused on technologies that enable small unit distributed operations.

Specifically, technologies evaluated during E2C 2015 included:

  1. Hybrid/Electric All-Terrain Vehicles, which offer significant fuel savings and have the potential to extend the operational reach of Marines on the move;
  2. Advanced Batteries and Energy Storage Technology, which can lighten the carried load, help increase infantry mobility, and extend operational reach; and
  3. Fuel Cells (up to 10 kilowatts), which will play a critical role in reducing future fuel requirements.

Innovative approaches to reducing fuel and battery resupply requirements have the potential to enhance the maneuverability and sustainability of Company Landing Teams and other small unit distributed operations—giving Marines more mobility and the ability to stay out longer without being resupplied constantly.

To learn more about E2C 2015, view the E2C 2015 overview fact sheet, read the HQMC article, and check out the Marine Corps’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

E2C 2015 Participants

E2C 2015 featured 32 systems (industry technologies and government systems) with potential to reduce fuel and battery resupply requirements for small unit distributed operations.

Hybrid/Electric All-Terrain Vehicles – Teams / Systems:

  • Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. / COMMANDO Vehicle
  • MTAG International / XTREME GREEN Electric Vehicles UTV
  • U.S. Army TARDEC / Fuel Cell All Terrain Transport

Advanced Batteries – Teams / Systems:

  • BlueSky Mast / Tactical Power System (TPS-2C)
  • Bren-Tronics, Inc. / 6T Lithium-Ion Battery (Lead-Acid Replacement); NETT + Next Generation Battery Conformal Battery
  • EaglePicher Technologies / BSP-360-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Portable Power Source; MAR-9550 Lithium-Ion 6T Battery; SLB-101 Lithium-Ion Conformal Wearable Battery
  • Gridless Power / Gridless CORE Deployable Battery System
  • ICCN+Palladium / Ballistically Rated Conformal Wearable Battery; GBatt – 117G Power System
  • K2 Energy Solutions / Expandable Modular Energy Storage Battery
  • MediPak Energy Systems / Warrior Pak® Freedom Pak Streaming Wearable Energy System; Warrior Pak® Power Station for PRC-117G
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division / Hybrid Battery/Capacitor Power Source
  • Navitas Systems / Lithium-Ion 6T Military Vehicle Battery
  • Saft America / Xcelion 6TTM Lithium-Ion Battery (Lead-Acid Replacement)
  • ZeroBase Energy / OES 1310-160 and OES 2.6-250 Batteries

Fuel Cells – Teams / Systems:

  • Altergy Systems / Freedom PowerTM Fuel Cell with Integrated Reformer
  • Ardica Technologies / Wearable Power System (WPS-SAPI)

Government Teams / Systems:

  • Marine Corps Installations Command / Unit Energy Manager Program
  • Marine Corps Systems Command / Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources (AMMPS) Energy Storage Module; AMMPS Networking Digital Control System; Energy Command and Control
  • Marine Corps Systems Command & Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division / Convective Cooling Distribution System (Electronics Cooling)
  • Marine Corps Warfighting Lab / Hybrid Energy Internally Transportable Vehicle Trailer
  • Naval Research Lab & Naval Postgraduate School / Tactical Long Endurance UAS (TaLEUAS)
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division & Naval Research Lab / Joint Infantry Company Prototype (JIC-P)
  • Office of Naval Research / Multifunction Energy Storage; Renewable Sustainable Expeditionary Power
Videos of E2C 2015

Shaping an Efficient Battlefield

Quiet, Efficient, Fast | Testing Operator Transportation

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