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Security Programs and Information Management Branch

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Headquarters Marine Corps
Physical Security

The Physical Security Section is the lead for HQMC in implementing antiterrorism and force protection programs. The section conducts Preliminary Inquiries, Physical Security Surveys, coordinates the installation of alarm systems and serves as the HQMC Liaison to the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA).
PHYSICAL SECURITY. The HQMC Physical Security manager is
responsible for all physical security matters within the NCR. The
HQMC Physical Security Manager provides:
• Physical Security Surveys
• Restricted Area Accreditations
• Security guidance for NCR renovations and new construction.
• Alarm system support
• Access control requirements
• Key and lock program support
• Protected Distribution Systems support/installation
• Emergency lockout support (doors & safes)

For more information contact at Physical Security Section: (703) 693-2696.

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