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Personnel Security Program

The Personnel Security Program (PSP) objective is to authorize, initial and continued access to classified information and/or initial and continued assignment to sensitive duties to those persons whose loyalty, reliability and trustworthiness are such that entrusting them with classified information or assigning them to sensitive duties is clearly consistent with the interest of national security.  The PSP applies to military, civilian, and contractors requiring access to classified information or performing any duties designated sensitive.  

Personnel Security Investigations is one of the tools used to gather information about a person.  It is used to evaluate access to classified information assignment to sensitive duties, and suitability for civilian employment or military service. 

Types of Personnel National Security Investigations

Tier 1 – Governed by Executive Order 10450

Tier 3 – Governed by Executive Order 10450 and Executive Order 12968

Tier 5 - Governed by Executive 12968

Policy – Links

The below links are provided to endorse the implementation of the HQMC Personnel Security Program.

Executive Order 12968, Access to Classified Information, 2 Aug 95


Executive Order 10450, Security Requirements for Government Employees, 27 Apr 03



DOD 5200.2R, Personnel Security Program Regulation, January 1987

52000.2R DoD Personnel Security Program.pdf

DODI 5200.2, Personnel Security Program Regulation, 21 Mar 2014, CHG 1 Effective:  9 Sep 14

DODI-5200.02 Personnel Security Program.pdf

SECNAV   M-5510.30, DON Personnel Security Program Manual, 30 Jun 06


To learn more about Personnel Security, the below training site is provided for reference.