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Security Programs and Information Management Branch


Security Programs and Information Management Branch

Administration and Resource Management

Headquarters Marine Corps

• Subject Matter Experts in Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) policy and directive guidance for the handling, accountability, and destruction of COMSEC material and equipment.
• Account Management: Accounting, inventory, destructions, inspections and training for the use of COMSEC material and equipment.
• Continuous accountability of all COMSEC Material and Equipment through KMI accounting process and supply assessable material procedures. 
• Conduct semi-annual Local Element Inventories, annual Local Element Custodian (LEC) training.
• Provide cryptographic equipment (i.e. KG-175, KIV-7, STE phone), requisition assistance and support for inline security of networks handling voice and data communications.
• For routine COMSEC requests please send email to the mailbox “SMB HQMC COMSEC” with the following information:  


REQ/REPAIR _____  INSTALLATION  ______   OTHER_______________________________________

BRIEF DISCRIPTION OF THE SERVICE REQUESTED:_____________________________________________