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Secure Telephone (STE) Rekey Procedures (v2.8.1)

 This is a reminder that SME/PEDs and STE phones should be rekeyed at least every 3 months. If you have not done so now is the chance to ensure your device has current key load and is operational. Don't forget to remind SME/PED users too.  Procedures for both are below:

 REKEY PROCEDURES FOR STE TERMINAL (NOTE: If you have problems the first time WAIT 20 Minutes before attempting again!)

 a. Insert Enhanced Crypto Card (KSV -21) into STE unit.

 b. Press MENU

 c. Scroll once

 d. Press blue button under SELECT "Crypto Card Management"

 e. Press blue button under USER in "Card Management Privileges"

 f. Press blue button under SELECT in "Rekey Functions"

 g. Press blue button under REKEY in "Update Rekey Phone Number"

 h. Press blue button under SDNS in "Perform Rekey"

 i. Press blue button under SCIP in "SDNS Rekey Mode"

 j. Press blue button under USCF in “Select type”

 k. Pick up receiver and press blue button under the word GO.

 l. The automated system will answer the call and announce "if your rekey attempt fails, dial 1-800-635-5689 for assistance".

 m. Continue to hold and the automated system will rekey STE. The unit will display "SDNS Rekey in Progress"

 n. Press blue button under continue in "SDNS Rekey Complete"

 o. Hang up