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AR Fiscal Branch

Administration and Resource Management

Headquarters Marine Corps
The Travel Section serves as the focal point for Temporary Assigned Duty (TAD), Civilian Permanent Change of Station (PCS), and the Government Charge Card (GOVCC) for HQMC Staff Agencies and Directorates. 
Our goal is to:
- Reduce travel costs to the government
- Exceed the expectations of our customers
- Improve delivery of travel services
- Incorporate govenment and industry best practices
Travel Section
Travel Section / 703-695-4727 (DSN 225)
Lead Defense Travel Administrator (LDTA) / 703-695-5062
Level 3 APC / 703-256-8733
PCS (Civilian) / 703-256-8733
Fax / 703-614-5145 (DSN 224)
Email / smbhqmcarf.travel@usmc.mil