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Marine Spouse of the Year recognized

By Cpl. Lisette Leyva | | May 8, 2014


Every year, each branch of service awards one spouse with the title “Spouse of the Year.” The award recognizes military spouses’ important contributions and commitment to their spouse and to the military community. 

Lakesha Cole, 2014 Marine Spouse of the Year, was recognized for her drive and willingness to support not only her Marine and her family, but also other military spouses around the world. 

“Like most military spouses, my experiences have taught me how to be more adaptable and resilient in spite of the unique challenges,” Lakesha said. 

Through five deployments and five permanent change of station moves with her husband, Gunnery Sgt. Deonte Cole, Lakesha has learned to embrace the many uncertainties of being a military spouse. 

“It’s all about creating success on your own terms,” she said.

Though frequent moves have affected her professional life, Lakesha has stayed focused and driven to be there for her family, but not forget about herself.  Lakesha has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and is pursuing a second degree in retail marketing. She also started her own business that sells exclusive collections handmade by military spouses. 

“We all have aspirations, things we would like to achieve and things we would like to possess, that will contribute to our overall happiness,” Lakesha said. “This recognition will allow me to inspire other spouses to hire themselves or help them determine what career path is best for them.”

Lakesha believes the most rewarding part of being a military spouse is the opportunity to see and experience different places and discover new opportunities.

“In the military world, friends are often family,” Lakesha said. “One of the best aspects of being a military spouse is having family all over the world who understands your struggle and is there for you no matter what.”