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Marine Corps Installations Pacific Command reaches full operational capability

By 1st Lt. Jean-Scott Dodd | | October 1, 2012

After a year of transition during its initial operating capability period, Marine Corps Installations Pacific achieved full operational capability Oct. 1.

After its establishment, MCIPAC possessed an initial operational capability to perform its essential regional missions and functions. Full operational capability means MCIPAC possesses a fully-developed capability to oversee, direct, and coordinate installation core functions, including training and operations support, command and staff support, and community services, according to Darren Jump, a member of the MCIPAC transition executive steering committee.

Upon establishment, MCIPAC assumed oversight and management of Marine Corps installation commands in the Pacific, including Marine Corps Bases Butler and Hawaii, Combined Arms Training Center Camp Fuji, Marine Corps Air Stations Futenma and Iwakuni and Camp Mujuk in the Republic of Korea.?

?Over the past year, MCIPAC has streamlined getting all our Pacific installations? consolidated requirements and feedback to Marine Corps Installations Command, our higher headquarters,? said Maj. Gen. Peter J. Talleri, commanding general for MCIPAC. ?That direct link has allowed MCIPAC to support our Marines, sailors, civilians and family members in the Pacific in a most efficient and effective manner.?

The activation of MCIPAC was part of a Corps-wide reorganization to improve oversight and management of installation support services to operating forces with the ultimate goal of enhancing readiness. MCIPAC does this by freeing the commanding general of III Marine Expeditionary Force from installation functions and concerns, enabling a focus on primary expeditionary missions in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Harry Farmer Jr., deputy assistant to the chief of staff, G-3/5, training, operations and plans, MCIPAC.

?One major accomplishment for MCIPAC has been the consolidation of all installation protection services,? said Farmer. ?This includes law enforcement, fire and emergency services, explosive ordnance disposal, mission assurance and emergency management. This enables a unity of effort for the MCIPAC commanding general and provides better support to all personnel aboard our installations.?

Reaching full operational capability is an important landmark for MCIPAC, but it is important to note that it is a continuation of support that has been provided to its personnel, family members and the local community from day one, according to Talleri.

By increasing installation support to tenant III MEF units, MCIPAC has been able to link operational force requirements to installation services and regional missions and functions.

?Our installations have continuously supported III MEF operations during the transition,? said Jump. ?All of our strategies and plans prioritize resources and provide direction and oversight with the principal aim of supporting our warfighters and their families.?

Many of the initiatives MCIPAC has undertaken as a regional command are enduring in nature and will continue to evolve over time as it receives feedback.

?MCIPAC remains committed to implementing policies, developing regional strategies and plans, prioritizing resources, and providing services, direction and oversight to support the operating forces and other tenant commands and activities,? said Jump.

The transition to MCIPAC has involved a great deal of hard work from its staff on the way to reaching full operational capability with one desired end state.

?We have certainly taken on greater responsibility as MCIPAC, but with that increased responsibility, comes benefits for the entire MCIPAC community,? said Talleri.

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