FDNY/USMC Association celebrate 228th Birthday

14 Nov 2003 | Gunnery Sgt. Tim McGough

Adding to the countless Marine Corps cake cutting ceremonies and birthday celebrations in New York, the country and the world, the New York Fire Department United States Marine Corps Association celebrated the 228th Marine Corps Birthday and their second year of existence in Manhattan. "I was invited to the New York Police Department's Marine Corps Birthday celebration about 4 years ago and I thought why not the fire department," said Firefighter Brian Charles, former Marine and New York Fire Department member. "We started in 2000, but after 9-11 everything got put on the back burner," said Charles. "Now we are moving along and every year the association gets bigger and bigger. We also became incorporated this year." The celebration took place at Hurley's Restaurant whose owner is of course...a former Marine. "I am proud that my place can be used to hold this event, said Pete Fitzpatrick, owner of Hurley's. "I do anything I can for Marines." As soon as the speeches were given and songs were sung, a person could have sworn they were back at Camp Pendleton, Camp Lejeune or anywhere Marines get together. Sea stories were told of nights on the town in some far off land, about a crazy Gunny who they'll never forget and even about the pal who was killed in action. "From World War II to the Gulf Wars, no matter where we go or what we do, all of us here share one thing," said John Vigiano, retired firefighter, Marine and father of two sons who were lost in the attacks of 9-11. "I'm still a Marine, we all are still Marines."
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