New installation pass system takes effect

15 Apr 2005 | Sgt. Robert L. Fisher III

Government contractors, civil servants and public employees working at the Combat Center are scheduled to get new passes April 20 that allow them come aboard the base and work.

“The installation pass will replace the current activity pass,” said Staff Sgt. Kelly K. Stetson, orders staff noncommissioned officer-in-charge at Center Personnel.

The current activity pass looks like a locally produced business card with a picture on it.  The new installation pass will be very similar to the common access card.

“It’s for people who have to get on the base and don’t have a CAC,” said Stetson.  “These people may be hired by a subcontractor like the employees at Burger King or Noble Roman’s, or short-term contractors who come to work on the base for about a week.”

The new pass will also reflect if the worker has exchange privileges.

The length of the pass will depend on who they are and the nature of their work.

Contractors who are scheduled to come on base and complete their work in two or three weeks will get a pass that will last until the scheduled completion of their contract.  Civil servants will still receive a 12-month pass.

Employers will start the process for getting a new pass.  They will enter the employee’s information into a new database similar to an electronic checkout sheet and then give a paper to the employee authorizing them to claim his pass at the visitor’s office at the main gate.

Further changes and advancements for the new system are in development. 

Headquarters Marine Corps