Intelligence Community of Interest

The Intelligence Community of Interest (COI) consists of over 200 civilian personnel within 2 occupational series (0132, 0134).  These Civilian Marines perform a wide variety of Intelligence functions related to the collection, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, and dissemination of intelligence. Dedicated, professional intelligence COI members provide critical support across the globe on a daily basis.  This site is dedicated to these intelligence professionals, and their continued professional development.   

LinkedIn Learning is still blocked on the MCEN, you can still register for an account, once you get the invite email forward to personal device and set up your account and enjoy over 5400 online courses.  DO NOT link your USMC LinkedIn Learning account to your personal account.

 Per MARADMIN 013-16, the CFSP was established to enhance competency in skills that transcend occupational series lines.  The platform identified to support this program is LinkedIn Learning.

Send Last name, First name and email to Intel COI manager to get registered.

BLACKBOARD:  Intelligence professionals now have access to over 5,000 courses on the NGA Blackboard learning and education system. Courses available on a wide array of topics, including leadership, data analysis, intelligence tradecraft, and foreign language. To gain access email with your full name, email and organization.

Intelligence Community Online Resources (CAC-enabled): A series of collaboration platforms, tradecraft modules, webinars, podcasts, audiobooks, regional studies, and other intelligence-focused learning resources.

NIA Guide:  NIA human resources professional development resource guide. This guide contains links to online learning, career development and professional reading resources, career roadmaps, professional certification and credentials, and other professional development resources.  Please see attachment. 

OCTANE: US Air force online critical thinking and analysis environment:

GXP360:  Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP®) provides virtual software instruction:

ArcGIS Virtual SeminarsESRI is offering several virtual seminars   ArcGIS virtual seminars.

MCIA PME Resources:  MCIA SMEs have put together a robust collection of PME resources which can be accessed from computers, I-pads, and even smart phones. In addition to think tank and government documents, It includes lots of YouTube videos of weapon systems (Su-37, T-80, J-20, etc.).   The site contains content on USMC basics. i.e “How is a MEU structured”, “What is the purpose of a STA platoon” etc.  Most are official USMC videos. Important for entry level civilians.  MCIA PME Portal

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