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Casualty Assistance Command Representative (CACR)
Casualty Assistance Command Representative (CACR)


Casualty Assistance Command Representative (CACR)

HQMC Casualty (MFP)

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Casualty Assitance Command Representative

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Casualty Assistance Command Representative

In accordance with MCO 3040.4, dated 1 March 2011, the Casualty Assistance Command Representative (CACR) is appointed in writing and acts on behalf of the Commanding Officer of the unit he or she is assigned to in ensuring the unit is adhering to the policies of the Casualty Assistance Program and remains up-to-date on all significant changes to the program.

When assigned as the CACR, that individual is responsible for being fully informed about the Marine Corps Casualty Assistance Program. The CACR will ensure that there is a command representative available when a service member in the assigned unit becomes a casualty; they will attend training events sponsored by the HQMC Casualty Section at the nearest command to which they are assigned; they will maintain a binder of all pertinent information to the Casualty Assistance Program to include the following: Marine Corps Order 3040.4, the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO) Guidebook, a listing of all pertinent points of contact and the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer Training Program Brief.

Furthermore, the CACR is expected to maintain rosters annotating the annual training status of all staff noncommissioned officers and officers eligible to serve as a CACO as well as personnel trained on casualty reporting procedures. CACRs are also responsible for updating personnel casualty reporting software programs and must be well-informed on investigative reporting policies for the unit to which they are assigned.

The CACR will provide regular updates to the Commander on the unit's adherence to the casualty program, provide RED and SGLV 8286 expertise at all command administrative audits, and ensure Marines and their families receive information on the basics of the program during command orientation and pre-deployment briefs



HQMC Casualty Contact Information

HQMC Casualty

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