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Command, Control, Communications, and Computers


Command, Control, Communications, and Computers

Headquarters Marine Corps

Mission Statement

The C4 department supports the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) in his role as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and represents the service in Joint, department of Defense, and Department of the Navy C4 and IT matters. The Department has service staff responsibility for the Marine Corps enterprise-wide IT and performs the functions of the Department of the Navy, Deputy Chief Information Officer (Marine Corps) and the Marine Corps Authorizing Official. The department has responsibility for governance, resourcing, capital planning and investment control, portfolio management, workforce, and enterprise architecture and develops and implements the synchronized strategy for the Marine Corps Information Environment. The department provides leadership and direction to make IT management, security, and investment decisions based on Marine Corps unique mission requirements to ensure interoperability and operational effectiveness within the Marine Corps, naval, joint, and coalition information environments.

Assured C2 Strategy Vision and Goals
Highway to Assured C2
Assured Strategy for C2 Goals and Objectives



Unification  - Standardize the network by eliminating legacy systems, consolidating resources, and optimizing network operations


People - Execute a holistic workforce strategy incorporating Force Modernization requirements that address future Communications and Information Technology skillsets


Cloud - Provide cloud services supporting the full spectrum of Marine Corps’ warfighting and business missions


Training and Resources - Provide innovative training using regionalized training centers and methods to increase proficiency at a sustainable cost


Applications - Establish and maintain application development standards, processes, and infrastructure that allow system capabilities to be delivered rapidly and efficiently


Equipment - Maintain proven Command and Control capabilities, while fielding capable, relevant, and interoperable systems employed in innovative ways



Installation/ Tactical Processing Nodes - Standardize capabilities of the Marine Corps’ regionally aligned Installation Processing Nodes, increasing effective access to secure information for Marines worldwide


Policy and Governance - Establish enterprise policies, processes, and standards that govern the implementation, operation, and sustainment of the Command and Control network


Command and Control Diversity/Network Survivability - Ensure survivability of the Command and Control network through the most austere, challenged, and contested conditions


Information Technology Value - Influence and shape investment opportunities to demonstrate fiscal responsibility while guiding innovation throughout the Marine Corps Capabilities Based Assessment


Cybersecurity - Establish appropriate measures to protect and defend data, users, systems, connections, and missions

Marine Corps Strategy for Assured C2
HQMC C4 Front Office: 703-693-3464
C4 Leadership
   Director HQMC C4
   BGen Mahlock
 Deputy Director HQMC C4
  SES Mr. Kenneth Bible


  Chief Technology Advisor 
  SL Mr. Daniel Corbin 
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